Osvaldo's Portfolio

My name is Osvaldo Quinonez and I am a student at Base Camp Coding Academy.

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About me

         I am a bilingual hispanic that was born and raised in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Since when I was young, my parents wanted to show me the importance of being a hard worker. I began working in Mexican restaurants at a really young age. Working in restaurants taught me that you have to work for what you want. Nothing in life is just given to you. After a while, I noticed that I would not like to work in a restaurant my whole life. I played football, soccer, and track when I was in highschool. Those sports helped me learn how to work in a team and how to step up when no one does. On a daily bases I just focus on becoming a better person, and Base Camp Coding Academy has helped me in becoming a better programmer and a better person.

After Graduation

         Many people stress out about the future. I am different because I just focus on living one day at a time. I give it all I have everyday like if it was the last. After graduation I hope to get hired by one of the great companies that are sponsoring Base Camp. I hope to go in as an entry one developer. I have a lot of work experience, but I have never worked as a software developer. All I know is that I am going to start at the bottom, and that I am going to work my way up every day.



Feel free to look at my resume.



Work Experience

Mi Pueblo (Mexican Restaurant)

  • Washed dishes
  • Made sure the kitchen floors were clean every night
  • Got Promoted to cook where I had to make sure the food was well prepared and served correctly to the customer
  • Cleaned the grills every night so they would be ready for the next morning

Temporarily Jobs

  • Helped throw cement floors down
  • Picked the tools up once the job was done